Welcome to Mohawk Insurance, Global Expertise At Your Doorstep

Mar 23, 2022

Insurance Article

Welcome to Mohawk Insurance, Global Expertise At Your Doorstep

Getting the right insurance is an important key to risk management for any business. While many insurers specialize in certain areas, not all business insurance needs are typically served by one agency. At Mohawk Insurance Services, Inc., our team of expert professionals are here to help your business with a wide variety of personalized coverage. Deeply rooted in our local community, we are committed to delivering global insurance expertise to your doorstep.

Who We Are

Based in Albany, New York, Mohawk Insurance Services was launched in 2022 by Thomas D. O'Connor III and Justin R. Riccio. Our team has a combined insurance experience of over 100 years in serving diverse industries from construction to technology to health care and much more. We provide a variety of customized business insurance to both commercial and non-profit organizations.

How We Can Help

We are here to bring peace of mind to business owners by providing extensive coverage choices tailored to their specific needs. We help minimize financial risk when it comes to lawsuits and settlements. Our goal is to provide business stability and continuity to all our clients.

Our Expertise and Services

Since our team has diverse experience in the insurance field, we are able to offer deep insights for different types of coverage. Budding entrepreneurs often don't know where to start with insurance, so we help them navigate the complexities of business insurance.

Each industry has its own set of risks and coverage requirements. The types of insurance that many businesses have in common are general liability, commercial property, commercial auto, and workers’ compensation. Beyond that, businesses often need specialized coverage for their industry and niche. At Mohawk, we help you understand your risks and how they associate with liability limits. You can always opt for extended coverage based on your changing coverage requirements.

Experience the Mohawk Difference!

Now that many companies rely on the internet for e-commerce, lead generation, and marketing, several issues arise involving risks that weren't present in traditional businesses. The proliferation of remote work has opened the door to increased risks of cyberattacks. So businesses must now think about financial protection against cybersecurity breaches.

Cyber insurance is an emerging type of coverage that pays for hardware, software, and reputational damage caused by breaches. It's important to have a safety net against cybercriminals, some of whom can hack large corporations. Coverage for cyber extortion pays for losses related to ransomware attacks.

Our business insurance policies will help guard your assets against being drained by litigation costs. Securing the right coverage for your business pays for attorney fees, settlements, and other legal costs. Contact us at Mohawk Insurance Services for more information on customized coverage for your organization. Visit our new website to stay updated on the latest trends and fresh insights into the insurance world.

Welcome to Mohawk Insurance, Global Expertise At Your Doorstep
Welcome to Mohawk Insurance, Global Expertise At Your Doorstep