Real Estate Insurance

Real Estate Insurance

Mohawk Insurance Services offers flexible solutions for the complex property insurance requirements in the real estate industry. Mohawk offers competitive pricing for comprehensive coverage and we understand the risks of managing a complex real estate portfolio. We cover the following high-impact areas:

  • Superior property policy terms and conditions
  • Competitive casualty products
  • Extensive access to the best Excess insurance products
  • Expertise in the tender of claims to contractors and/or tenants and claim management

From cyber assaults to natural calamities, safeguarding real estate enterprises from risk is increasingly difficult. We will assist in identifying contractual, natural, man-made, and cyber risks that might jeopardize your net operating income.

  • Management liability—Executive and director liability as well as employment practice liability are just a few of the key areas we review for coverage gaps.
  • Cyber liability insurance—We analyze your cyber liabilities exposure due to digital accidents such as data breaches, privacy loss and network outages.
  • Crisis resilience—We consult on your preparedness such as terrorism and active shooter training and audit coverage gaps to offer solutions for stronger coverage.
  • Claims advocacy—We work directly with carriers throughout the claims process for better outcomes. We are the only major broker to do this.
  • Physical and emotional wellbeing—We develop workplace programs that make for healthier and happier environments aiding in staff attraction and retention. Whether your organization is comprised of part time employees in a single hotel in Florida or career hospitality professionals in a five star resort, we provide programs and benefits that encourage a positive work culture and a thriving business.

Our multidisciplinary approach begins by building a strong partnership with you. This helps us find the best market and leverage carriers for your coverage. We are focused on making sure your investment dollars meet lender’s expectations.